Sugar Coated Moron

So I saw on the news last week that there was a farmer’s market in the parking lot of a mall here in Shreveport, and since I love fresh peaches and melons and all the crafts, I told Alex that we needed to go.  No, I didn’t ask.  I didn’t inform him that I wanted to go, I got home from work and said “Put your pants on, we’re going to the mother fucking farmers market.”

I guess I should note that Alex does not like wearing pants at home.

Anyway, so after bickering for twenty minutes about how I needed to go to the farmer’s market or I would die a horrible death, because obviously I need peaches to survive, he sighs and begrudgingly agrees to go to the farmers market.

After getting lost a few times since it was a part of Shreveport I was unfamiliar with, we finally find this farmers market, and it’s tiny.               

But they had the peaches I wanted, green beans Alex wanted, live music and some pretty awesome food.

Mother Fucking Beignets

Mother Fucking Beignets

While we were looking around, Alex saw a beignet stand.  Now, if any of you have ever been to Louisiana, you should know that a beignet is a type of biscuit that is deep fried and covered in powder sugar, often served with marmalade and honey.  When they’re hot, they’re absolutely delicious.  We got an order and began walking around, looking at the strawberry lemonade stand, when I sneak the last beignet in the paper boat.

Alex saw me grab it, and there was about an inch of powder sugar in the bottom of it.  Seeing as I was tired and not really smiling or laughing too much, he screams “YOU TOOK THE LAST ONE?! NO! GIVE ME THE BOAT! GIVE IT TO MEEE!”

To which he then proceeds to stick his entire face in the powder sugar, dumping it all over his face, neck, and shirt.

He screams “BUH BUH BUH BUH BUH,” shaking his head in the sugar.  Several bystanders just stopped and stared.  And when I say several, it was probably close to 20 people.

I usually don’t get embarrassed, but this time I was a little embarrassed. Alex then decided to tell people that he just LOVES powder sugar.  So much.


Also not cocaine.

Also not cocaine.

I put my face in my hands, trying not to laugh my ass off.  Several older women shook their heads, kids laughed, and a woman offered Alex a napkin to clean off his face.  He then bought me a bunch of peaches and we ran the hell out of there.

I went again today, and I brought my coworker with me who had never been to a farmer’s market.  I bought her boudin.  And she didn’t embarrass me.

It was awesome.


Ever go to a public event and you were totally and completely embarrassed?  Ever think that you made the best beignets ever?  I want to hear your thoughts.  And if you live in Shreveport and claim you make the best beignets, beignets in my face speak far louder than messages on here.  >:3


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