I Think My Husband Is Trying To Tell Me Something

So I came home to this today.

Not even exaggerated.

Not even exaggerated.

This is my office desk. Underneath the note, Tupperware, dirty dishes, empty bottles and box of vitamins, is my laptop. Alex knows that the first thing I do when I get home is go on my laptop.

These were all of the dirty dishes in my office.

And my mess from breakfast.

Here’s what the note says.

Naturally, it isn't "Clean your fucking mess." that's far too easy.

Naturally, it isn’t “Clean your fucking mess.” that’s far too easy.

In case you can’t read that, it says “Hi! I’m a subtle clue to a complex riddle. ‘Clean your ____ing mess.’ Take your time, it’s a doozy.”

So, naturally, I put all of the garbage, the entire pile, into the kitchen, as I always do, and got on my laptop to explore the internet. Because that’s what he’s expecting, and I would never disappoint my husband by surprising him.


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