My name is Leah.  I was born and raised in Minneapolis.  I moved to Alaska when I was 18 to prove to the world that I CAN DO IT!  Then I got married to a military man who’s ridiculously tall and wonderful.

After being married in Alaska for two years, he told the military that he wanted to go somewhere that was warmer than Alaska, and they suggested Louisiana.  As his only option.  So HERE WE ARE in the heart of the south.  Where it’s really hot.

This blog is mostly nothing more than the funny and awkward stories I have to tell the world of my culture shock confusion to give you all laughs.

I have a facebook page now, https://www.facebook.com/transplantedtothesouth so please feel free to follow that for news stories, discussions, and updates of this blog.



Yes, this is me.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello, I’m married to a coonass who is an officer in the Navy. 😉 I’m here for you. Louisiana is wonderful, get out and enjoy the area, the culture and the FOOD! Ah and have fun with Mardi Gras, it’s coming.

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