I’m Back!

To all of my readers, I know it has been several months since I’ve posted a real post, but fear not, for next week I will have returned to the northern climes of Minnesota, where I can finally tell everyone every story I have been holding back from my adventures working in the travel industry.


To give you all a sneak peak of what is to come…

I will tell you about my misadventures involving…


How I reacted when a woman showed me pictures of her fallen out vagina

How dealing with an 18 year old telling me I don’t understand true love

How going through peoples stuff was the main part of my job

How I dealt with people telling me that my vagina is the main reason why I should never be in leadership

Meeting a woman who sold all of her ex boyfriends stuff because he cheated on her, and I helped

And so many, many more.


So hold on to your seats, shit is about to get real.