I’m Not Dead… I think.

Hello bloggers and readers.

I know, it’s been months since I’ve been away, and It will likely be a few more months before I start overloading you all with crazy stories of how my Minnesotaness has completely rocked the southern states about.  I have so many stories to share, but I feel that since I have gotten a few emails from readers asking about when I would post next, I feel that maybe I should share a little of what has been going on that has prevented me from sharing these off the wall stories.

  1. I’m working on a Master’s degree.

Not only am I working over 40 hours per week recently, I’m also a full time student on a subject that has killed my brain in every way imaginable.  It hurts. So much.  But I’m learning a lot and I’m applying it to my job which I think is a plus in my favor.

  1. Alex is leaving the military

Alex has officially started out-processing out of the military, and we will be back up north within a few months.  So YAY! Snow! Ice! Coffee!  All of the things I’ve been lacking south of the mason Dixon line.  Additionally, we’ve had to start the moving process and figuring out how long my mom is willing to let us live in her basement.

  1. My uncle is dying

I know this one is kind of dark to share, but it’s something that has been having an extremely negative affect on me.  My uncle, my dad’s younger brother, who has, for my entire life, been my favorite uncle and I have nothing but great memories with, is losing his battle with brain cancer.  I was told recently that he won’t live for another year, we honestly thought he would be dead by the end of October.  I went to visit him for a week to help take care of him and it’s left me very shaken.  It’s hard enough to dealing with a family member passing, it’s especially hard to deal with a family member you really care about passing.  He’s still alive at this moment, but he’s not the strong, happy, care-free uncle of ten years ago.  Nor is he the uncle that would stay up late with me, watching a bon fire, telling me that I’m perfect no matter what and that he’s proud of me no matter what I do.  And it’s slowly killing my spirit.

  1. My work has sent me all over the country recently.

I work in travel, and I can reveal what industry I work in after I leave this job to explain how awesome my job is, and for the past two months I’ve been in southern Texas, West Virgiinia, Lousiana, and for my uncle, I’ve been in San Francisco.  I also go to Dallas for training quite a bit.  To say the least, I’ve been very busy.

  1. Sleep is overrated.

When I’m out of state for work, I’ve been averaging around 70 hours of work per week, plus about 20 hours of study time for school, so to say the least, I haven’t really slept a lot.  The reason I can post this today is because I slept for 18 hours, I think I was catching up for the past two months.

So there you have it. I’m pretty sure I’m not dead.  I miss writing, I miss talking with other bloggers, and most of all, I miss interacting with all of my readers.  I hope you’re all doing well, and in a couple of months, I’ll have tons of funny stories to tell of my adventures in travel, in life, and most importantly, in love.

7 thoughts on “I’m Not Dead… I think.

  1. I get that whole thing about life getting in the way of our writing – sometimes you are just too exhausted to think straight. Congrats on all of the good news and condolences about your uncle. Losing someone you love is difficult.

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