I Need An Adult


I was telling my mom this story the other day and she got a little upset with me.  I think mostly because I’m 24, almost 25, and I still need an adult to figure shit out for me, and legally I’m an adult.  She even said so.  Her exact words were, “Leah, you’re 24 years old, you are an adult, you need to start acting like one.”

No mom, I don’t get this adult stuff.  It’s hard.  Make me mac and cheese?  Please?

Comfort food at it's finest

Comfort food at it’s finest

But the story I was telling my mom… I don’t know if she was laughing because it was actually funny, or if she was shaking her head, trying to figure out how someone who shares half of her DNA could be such an airhead.  I’m pretty sure it’s a mix of both.

I was at the BX the other day looking for a thermos.  For those of you who are nonmilitary, a BX is basically the Military version of Walmart, where you don’t have to pay sales tax and most of the stuff is ridiculously cheap and all made in china.  I shop there to get a lot of bare necessities because the sales tax in Louisiana is around 9%.

Anyways, I thought that this product would be with the coffee mugs.  Or at least the stainless steel travel mugs.  After about ten minutes of me wandering up and down the aisles, I was getting frustrated.  I was going to bring hot chocolate to work since it’s been getting in the 30s at night and with the wind and humidity, I was feeling miserable.

After searching and searching, I found a really, really old man lost as well.  I went up to him and asked him if he knew where they’d be.  He said it was probably in the camping section.

This didn’t occur to me.  I thanked him and headed over to the outdoor section and kept looking around.  I found travel mugs and tents and that, but I was getting really frustrated.

I saw a sales associate helping someone and actively avoiding me, so I did the only thing I could think of.

I stood with my fists clenched on my sides, and I yelled at the top of my lungs, “I NEED AN ADULT!”

The sales lady slowly turned her head to look at me, confused.  The way I was acting, I think she was trying to figure out whether or not I was some punk kid or an adult.  I certainly look like I’m in my 20s, but I’ve looked like I’m in my 20s since I was 14 years old.

She walked over and asked what I needed.  I told her I needed a thermos to keep my hot chocolate warm at work.

She showed me where they were, I thanked her, and paid at the register.  Then I ran into the Troll and his girlfriend to discuss thanksgiving, where they will be joining us.  Because Alex and I never half ass food.


When has there been an instance where you needed an adult?  Do you have times where you just want your mom to cook you comfort food?  Are there times where you just want to curl up and eat ice cream? 

10 thoughts on “I Need An Adult

  1. I vividly remember, the only time I have ever been let go from a job, I felt very lost and unsure what to do. I just wanted “an adult” to tell me what to do next. Thankfully I figured it out myself.

  2. Wait for it. Hitting 30 and having some children levels a few things. Hitting 40… well, let me put it this way. I’ve done a lot of double takes realizing some of my many doctors are my age, or they are younger than me. Two of them– my chiropractor and my physiotherapist (and they are in-laws now, to boot) I went to school and church with. LOL. My chiropractor– he was a punk when he was a teenager.

    My childhood… well, if you aren’t reading my blog yet, well, just be forewarned. Ugly stuff. Abuse. No, seriously, you’ll have to read to understand how I regard my parents.

    Chronic pain and health issues also change things. I am acting old and curmudgeonly before my time.

    • I’ve read a few of your posts but it’s really hard to read. Also when I read cimmy’s molestation story, that made me cry. I can’t imagine the kind of pain a person can go through, and people say I had some hard times in my childhood.

      And it’s so weird to think that I’m older than a lot of people now. I don’t feel old..

      • Sorry Leah, I’m pretty deep. I don’t keep my writing light. But if you don’t comment… well, I can’t help make it any easier.

        Cimmy’s been through some rough stuff. She had a long term relationship (7 years) and a broken engagement with a guy that happens to share my first name. I’m glad that I’ve outlasted him by more than twice that time.

  3. I’m in my 50’s – but when my husband walked out on me, the first person I called was my mom. I just needed to be reassured that someone still loved me – and, of course, she does and will always be there for me. I also still call her to get recipes and advice on my kids – which is ironic, because my kids call me to get recipes and advice on THEIR kids.

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