Damn Retarded Yankee

So today, apparently, I was upgraded from a “Damn Yankee” to a “Damn Retarded Yankee.”

This confuses me too, since us yanks are far more educated on average than the average confederate.  Or southerner. Or whatever the hell they’re called.


Basically these assholes.

Basically these assholes.

Anyway, after I got off work, I noticed that my nose was full of black heads.  One thing anyone who is in my very close inner circle knows is that I’m OCD with my skin care.  I don’t wear makeup or sun screen, but I moisturize my face every night and always have the high end lotions and lip balms to make sure my skin always looks fresh.  I have a professional waxer for my eyebrows and mustache, and overall, I’m just very OCD with my skin.

Today I noticed I had a lot of black heads and I needed nose strips, because apparently I love to induce pain to get rid of black heads.  So on my way home from work, I walked into Walgreens and got what I needed.  I stepped in line and I was the third person in line.  An elderly black woman was behind me and a tiny little white guy was in front of me.  The white guy was buying some cold medicine and was minding his own business.  He looked grumpy and mean and ‘murican, so I turned to the woman behind me.

“Beautiful night, isn’t it?” I said to her.  She smiled.

“Yes, I love this cold weather.”

Good, someone who shared my likeness for the cold.  “Oh I love it.  When it’s cold like this, I open all the windows and put a bunch of the blankets on the bed and wrap up like a cocoon.”

The woman was about to respond to my comment, when the guy in front of me practically yelled.

“That’s just retarded.  I’m sorry, you’re retarded.”

What the fuck, right?

“Well, I’m a Yankee and I like the cold weather.”

“That makes you a damn retarded Yankee then.”

When I looked up damn retarded yankees, I kept getting pictures of Red Sox Fans

When I looked up damn retarded yankees, I kept getting pictures of Red Sox Fans

Dude.  What the fuck was this guy’s problem?

“Sir, I lived in Alaska.  I don’t deal with the hot weather.”

He continued to talk, which surprised me because I was easily 4 inches taller than him and twice his width.  And I am wonder woman.

“That makes you doubly retarded.  Why would anyone want to live in the cold?”

See, this is how I feel about the south.  Why would anyone want to live in the south?

“Because you’re not sweaty and sticky all the time,” I countered.  The super sweet woman behind me nodded in agreement.

“That’s what air conditioning is for.  Besides, what activities can you do in cold weather?  Nothing, that’s what.”



I was feeling a little frustrated.  “There’s a ton to do in the winter.  Skiing, Skijoring, dog sledding, ice fishing, snow shoeing—,”

Then he cut me off.

“Find warmth.  That’s what you do.  Nothing else.”

Then I had it, this guy was probably perverted.

“You can snuggle up to someone for warmth and see what happens,” I said, rather smugly.  Probably too smugly.

“Yeah, and you can just turn down the AC so it’s hot outside and cold inside so you can snuggle up.”

“THAT WASTES MONEY AND RESOURCES!” I nearly roared, making a few heads turn.

Don't worry, the AC is on and it's a thousand fucking degrees outside

Don’t worry, the AC is on and it’s a thousand fucking degrees outside

“It’s better than living somewhere that’s cold where you’ll be eaten by polar bears.”  He grumbled something else, but I wasn’t sure what.


To which he checked out and repeated I was retarded and that I should have a nice night.

The cashier rang me up and said, “I’m from Nebraska.  I prefer snow too.”

So we high fived for the Midwest and I hugged the lady behind me for helping me out with the moron who thinks I’m retarded.

And believe it or not, I didn’t even hyperbolize this story.  It’s damn near spot on.  Because I’m a magnet for weird fucking encounters.

Have you ever had a random stranger call you retarded?  Have you hugged a stranger and had your wallet not stolen?  What is the weirdest encounter that you’ve had with a stranger?  Tell me in the comments!

19 thoughts on “Damn Retarded Yankee

    • Bahahahha. I got defensive of my home! I think Minnesota and Alaska are great places and Alaska is somewhere everyone should see at least once. And the fact that he was trying to tell me I was stupid because my views were different, I got defensive. I should have told him to eff off, but meh. Even my mom told me I should have told him off.

      • A parte che l'ultimo commento che leggo è certamente di una che non capisce un ca**o di mu.cia..s…. Damon Albarn studiava Marx x via di suo padre… Ho letto 30 biografie sul suo conto, e non ho mai letto che se lo portava a scuola……. Le ragazze non se lo filavano proprio fino a che non ha compiuto tipo 16 anni! Informatevi anziché leggere i tabloids… E fidatevi di uno che suona nei blur e non di lady gagà, per piacere.

  1. What an asshat!! Sounds like a bitter person who life is just meaningless for them. You are a better person than me, I would have gone off in the worst way.

  2. What the hell? I just don’t understand people — did his mommy not teach him ANY manners? It must be sad to go through life so annoyed at everything around you.

  3. (1) I want to punch that idiot for using the R word so colloquially. (2) There are no manners in the south. There’s the illusion of manners. (3) I love that this instantly made me feel more worldly and educated. Ignorance is pathetic since it’s something each person has the power to change.

  4. What the heck? Seriously? I don’t even know how I would have reacted to such an encounter, but it probably would have been ugly. Blatantly being rude and hateful feels like permission to let the crazy out.


    I’m hurting like hell. I’m hungry. Chronic pain gives me problems with inflammation, so like hell am I going to be somewhere hot and humid. And I’ll be damned if I ever give the time of day to a pus-licking, vomit-chomping piece of shit like this “Ragin’ Cajun” you described. Douchetanker that needs to be sunk by a giant submaweiner, I tell ya.

  6. Ugh. The R word. I have met so many people here that use it so casually. It drives me fucking nuts. I generally don’t tell people off. I’ll say something snarky like, that’s not an appropriate use of that term. And then explain to them why. They generally try to get the hell away from me.

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