And The Internet Demanded More Goats

If anyone here reads Hacker, Ninja, Hooker, Spy, they will know that Aussa was recently proposed to and has gotten engaged.  And also, that she has a healthy obsession with goats.

Since she’s a famous blogger now and since this is the internet, we bloggers have come up with a horribly hilarious prank for the lovely Aussa.

Maurna and I should never be allowed to talk on the phone again because of this.  She called me, and we were talking about love, life, and the pursuit of happiness, when we got on the topic of Aussa.  No idea how.  Mostly we were gushing about how we felt she really deserved happiness after the hell she was put through from her ex.

Then I said, “You know what would be funny?  If we sent her an ass load of goats and said, ‘Since you’re worth more than ten goats, have the boyfran give this to your dad as a dowry payment.’  I mean, how ridiculously hilarious would that be?”

To which Maurna started to laugh.  She then posed the question, in her sultry dark chocolate voice*, “Could you imagine her face if we sent all these goat plushies, just trickling in, and her just staring at them like, ‘What the fuck?  Why am I getting all these fucking goats?’”

There was a beat of silence… Then… “OH MY GOD WE SHOULD DO IT!”

So then we went into details.  We considered doing a Kickstarter campaign, doing something on Indiegogo, and every possible way to get her goats.  Since Maurna has Aussa’s address, and after emailing an assload of bloggers, we came to a consensus of mailing the goats to Maurna, who then has been forwarding them to Aussa.

Every blogger we contacted that responded was more than game for it.  We had every blogger try to recruit more bloggers and everyone has been having a hayday with the planning of the goats.

We were all sending subtle hints to Aussa about the goats.  People have been posting all over her facebook with stuff such as goat pictures, goat videos, most bloggers have been leaving comments about goats.
We were trying to warn her of the impending wave of goats her way.  Either she knew this entire time and kept to herself, or we scared the shit out of her, making her think she had an internet stalker.

We can see everything...

We can see everything…

So when the internet is called upon for goats… the internet is always willing.  Because goats are nearly as popular as cats.

So, my lovely Aussa, happy engagement.  We want you to know that we think you’re worth hundreds of goats, and that’s the goal.  To send you around 100 goat plushies.  And possibly a goat costume, because that’d be incredibly sexy on your honeymoon.

How sexy would this be?

How sexy would this be?


Want in on this prank?  The wishlist for Aussa’s goat prank is here.  Also, Debbie from More Than Sweet Potatoes is also doing a charity in Aussa’s name and she will be posting about it here. 

What’s the best prank you’ve pulled on someone?


*I should explain Maurna’s voice.  She has a deep voice, kind of monotone, and the type of voice that you expect someone would use to get into your pants.  It’s unnerving and awesome all at the same time.

I also should mention that none of this would have happened without Maurna’s awesome organizational skills.  I’m great with ideas, but horrible with execution.  Maurna was the one who emailed the bloggers, made the wish list, and took the time to mail the goats to Aussa.  So Maurna, thank you SO MUCH for all the time you put into this.  I owe you big time ❤



16 thoughts on “And The Internet Demanded More Goats

  1. Let’s see if I can recapture some of the hilarity here in the comments…

    1. So, I got a catalog in the snail mail from Heifer International, which is the charity Debbie is gathering some funds for. (Apparently Google dun gave them my mailing address.) She needs some help, ‘cuz she’s only got like 1/3 of a goat (yah, a real goat) right now.

    2. Maurna’s too cute, and too humble. She is trying to downplay her role in all of this, somewhat: “But the original ideas here were Leah’s and Debbie’s. I am just the facilitator.” (Oh c’mon, Maurna, we ALL know you have some great ideas in the mix there, don’t be shy!)

  2. I only use my sexy voice for good you guys. I NEVER use it to get into someone’s pants. Intentionally. And I still maintain that I am just the muscle behind you guy’s brains.

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