I Can Put BS Behind My Name Now

To all of my friends in real life, I swear to god, this is the last time that I’m announcing this.  I’m just so giddy about it that I want to scream.

So as of today, I officially finished my Bachelor’s degree.

Now, for some people, they’ll see this and be like, “Pshaw, a bachelor’s isn’t impressive.”

Au contraire, it is impressive.

When I was a toddler I was diagnosed with a learning disability.  I don’t remember what it’s called, but it caused my language development to be really behind, I had to spend five years in speech therapy in elementary learning how to do word pronunciations and how to sequence stuff.  From what my mother told me, they were really excited for me to be able to sequence past 4.

Part of it also means that I’m a total and complete airhead.

For the most part, I grew out of most of those, except the airhead bit.  I still run into walls and look for stuff that’s in my hand.  Drives my poor mother insane.  Also Alex.  Alex goes nuts at how forgetful I am sometimes.

It even affected how I understand language.  There would be times where people will talk to me, but my brain won’t connect the words together so I’m just confused as all get out.  Hence why my best communication is the written word, because when I see it, it makes sense.  Doesn’t make sense when I hear it.  Pretty much ever.

I remember hearing as a kid that I’d be lucky to ever go to college, much less get anything above a C in high school.

And all through school I struggled.  When I was in High School I was also diagnosed with ADD and was given Adderall, which caused my grades to go from F’s to A’s.  Overnight.  I started taking AP classes and while a lot of my classmates could blow off assignments and get A’s, I would study for 4-6 hours a night and still only get C’s and B’s.  Because information would not sink in.  But I kept trying and passed those classes.  However, until the past month, I was never able to pass a science class ever in my life.  I almost didn’t graduate high school because I couldn’t get my science grades above a D-.

I went to college in Alaska and dropped out after two years because my attendance was horrible and because I’m a horrible test taker.  Also, an English degree will not get you any sort of job.

I discovered online school and I’m graduating with a 3.72.  I’m pissed it’s not a 3.75.

I was able to do what so many people told me I can’t do.  And now I’m considering getting my Master’s.

Because I know I can.

Pretty much, what I’m saying, is that if someone who can’t even figure out how to say the word “Differentiation” can get a bachelor’s degree, there’s hope for the rest of humanity. *


Mostly I just wanted to share how happy I am to finally finish school. Those of you who are friends with me on facebook are probably tired of me screaming I FINALLY DID IT!  SUCK ON THAT LOSERS!  AHAHAHA! But please understand, for a long time, I was told I’m too stupid to ever go to college.  And now I have a higher degree than the people who told me that.

I paid for a piece of paper and worked my ass off for it and it says I’m smart.

Hells yeah!

Have you ever done something that people told you that you couldn’t do?  Has anyone told you that you were too stupid to do something?  Tell me in the comments!  I want to hear all about it.


Note: I used the word “differentiation” as an example for pronunciation because it took me YEARS to have someone correct me.  I always thought it was diff-eer-ee-en-tae-shun.  It’s pronounced “Dif-ur-en-tee-ae-shun”  It seriously took like four years for someone to say “Wait, what the hell are you saying?  YOU’RE PRONOUNCING IT WRONG!”  Pissed me off.  They could have corrected me, seriously.

12 thoughts on “I Can Put BS Behind My Name Now

  1. Hey, you’ve got respect from me. Several of my friends said I should go to grad school, but the university that gave me my bachelor’s– well, they pushed me out the door. I was a failed elementary teacher, but they were in the midst of some UGLY politics. One of the departments I was in– the music department– a professor made some power plays to force a colleague she didn’t like out. The department dragged its students (including me) into the decision. Because the targeted professor had a spouse that was in a much more valuable position within the same department (she was the music education director), the department again dragged us into screening a replacement. And this was just in the music department! Other departments had professors going on local news TV… one, who had her identity concealed, said on camera, “I work in a hostile work environment.”

    I have no doubt that I *could* go to grad school, but after descending into welfare-to-work and finally disability (I’m breaking the government systems, yeah), where am I going to find the money? A grad degree won’t do me very much good now.

    Go forth and succeed, Leah… I’m sure you can achieve whatever advanced degrees you truly want.

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