Gay Weddings are Fabulous (Serious Post)

So first and foremost, I apologize for not having posted anything in such a long time.  I’ve been extremely busy, and I’m taking a few minutes to post a little thing about Gay Marriage.

This last weekend I attended my first gay wedding.  I’ve been to several weddings for cousins, friends, family, and the entire shebang.  They have all been beautiful, they have all been endearing, and some of them have lasted.

But this wedding I went to for my two very close friends was the most beautiful and emotional wedding I had ever attended. The minister was honest and good natured, the grooms very obviously loved each other when exchanging their vows, and it was just an overall wonderful wedding.  With awesome cake.

Attending a wedding like this, seeing a young couple so in love with each other, it just agitates me about how so many people are against gay marriage.  If anything, from what I saw, gay marriage is restoring the sanctity of marriage, not destroying it. 

Seeing them together, dancing, exchanging kisses, looking at each other like young lovers tend to, made my heart soar.  Seeing how their families supported them, how all of their friends and family had no judgment almost made me envious.  I had support for my marriage, but I had a lot of criticism from getting married in such a short span.  I was later criticized for marrying a military man, for people thinking I married him for nothing more than money and health insurance, but I’m sure that they will also encounter their own hardships, something I hope that I’m wrong about.

So here is my view on gay marriage.

Everyone should be allowed to get married to whomever they want.

Every person who gets married seems to get grief.  I also judge people getting married.  I think that eighteen year olds marrying their high school sweethearts are being stupid getting married, and they hear all the time how they’re not mature enough to be married.  I was told that I was marrying Alex for health insurance and because he was in the military.  My two friends will probably be told that their marriage will never be recognized by God.

But God will forgive murderers?

He will forgive pedophiles?

He will forgive mothers abusing and neglecting children, sometimes killing their children?

But God will supposedly not forgive two men for loving each other unconditionally?

Even from a nonreligious standpoint, two men loving each other is not affecting anyone’s marriage.  My two friends tying the knot gives me hope.  For two people who obviously love each other, they should be allowed to live their married life free of prejudice. 

And it’s not just them.  My uncle and his husband have been together for over twenty years, the only one on my father’s side of the family with a successful marriage.  My father and his older brother are divorced, but the youngest, the most successful, the well-adjusted kids, the happiest couple, is apparently wrong because my uncle is in love with a man.

If you are someone who does not think that two men or two women can’t make a happy life together, then please take a look at your own marriage.  I know more straight couples who are miserable in their marriage than gay couples, I have met couples who hated each other for years, but apparently it was okay for them to have abusive relationships, or neglectful, or generally unhappy because it was accepted.  This is a sad society where a miserable straight couple who hate each other and abuse their children is more acceptable than a gay happy couple with children well adjusted.

This is a sad society we live in, and it is something that needs to be changed.

To my friends who got married, I love you both, and I wish you years and years of happiness.  I wish you a life free of prejudice, and a life full of laughter and a life full of love.  I wish you everything that I wish for anyone who ever gets married for the one thing every human being on this earth yearns for: Love.

For those of you who wish to comment, if you comment telling me how against gay marriage you are or how you disagree with everything I have to say, do not bother commenting.  They will be deleted.  I will not tolerate negative comments on a topic such as this.

Thank you for reading.


15 thoughts on “Gay Weddings are Fabulous (Serious Post)

  1. Ah but you see there is nothing too forgive. The response in my heart to this religious outcry regarding homosexuality is simply that it’s the government of the church that has decried homosexuality as wrong, not God. God has nothing to forgive, except maybe the people of his “church” who claim they are doing his work but really are just pushing the church’s views, and to preserve the righteousness of what is the church…not God’s word.

    It truly has very little to do with God, in my opinion, and very much to do with the church.

    That’s just my take on it.

  2. I was stalked and harrassed on the VOX blogging platform over this issue.

    But probably not in the way you are thinking.

    I was derided, trolled, mocked… because of my faith and the actions of some of the members of my church concerning Proposition 8. Because I dared to share my experience, as did Cimmorene.

    That is all I will say right now. There are extremists on both sides that have been cruel, mean, and vicious for their position in this culture war. As if the my orientation, and the orientation of my wife don’t yield enough misunderstanding and prejudice.

    • There are people who are overly obnoxious on both ends of the debate. As is with every equal rights movement.

      My brother is really conservative, but not in the typical way. He believes in small governmnet. His idea about it: Don’t approve of gay marriage? Then Don’t have a gay marriage. Don’t approve of abortion? Don’t get an abortion.

      I think we’d be much better off if conservatives acted like that.

      • I think it’s relatively safe to mention this, now…

        Cimmorene and I happen to be of bisexual orientation, so, we like to think we have a little insight on the issue. Besides friends, we also have family in similar circumstances. My sisters married guys (although one was very loud and proud for a bit and dated girls). Cimmy’s youngest brother is partnered to a man.

        Washington state recently had a referendum that was similar in scope to Prop 8 (more specifically, it was to overturn Chris Gregoire’s act that extended marriage benefits to same-sex couples). I took a lot of care to make sure my church doctrine was clear and that I could vote my conscience, which I did. Personally, I don’t have a problem with the idea of gay marriage, nor do I think that it affects me in any way. Now, if people tried to force our church to sanction same-sex unions in our temples– well, I wouldn’t be for that. I believe in the separation of church and state, and that the concept goes both ways– the state shouldn’t tell churches what they can and can’t do. (Religious organizations that receive federal funding is a trickier issue.)

      • I agree that church and state should be completely separate. Church should not involve in the state, state should stay away from the church.

        It just bothers me how big headed some people are, saying that some th ings are immoral because people believe it’s immoral. Wasn’t Jesus’s main message was to love unconditionally? Apparently there was an addendum about jews, muslims, gays, and biracial couples. Considering those are the things that Christians seem to be so dead set against over the years.


        Thank you for your feedback Jak. I think you always add something great to every blog I post.

  3. I am an atheist and I think everyone should be able to marry whoever they want. Legal, consenting adults should be allowed to get married and I think it is a crime that they still cant in much of our country. And this stuff going on in Arizona makes me feel like punch-y.

    • Oh don’t even get me started on the stuff in Arizona. I was so mad to hear that.

      I would intentionally act like a butch lesbian if I lived in Arizona then say they’re discriminating me and my husband. Just to turn the tables.

      Stupid fucking bigots.

  4. You bring up an interesting point about about how so many people are judged for their marriage choices– too young, too irresponsible, too gay (haha couldn’t help it). Why can’t people just scuttle off and deal with their own issues and leave everyone else alone?

    • Right?! It’s so frustrating how people think that it’s okay to discriminate. I sometimes tell people that they’re too young to be married, then remembered I got married two weeks after I turned 21. So I really can’t fight them on it lol.

  5. Pretty sure I was at this very same wedding (reception only, actually. My kids hate fun). It was probably the most tasteful and stylish wedding I have ever been to. I felt honored to be invited.

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