Five Truths, One lie. Which One Won’t Set You Free?

A while back, the lovely Aussa Lorens posted a blog about an online game where you tell six statements, five of them true, one is false.  I was trying to figure out some weird facts about myself, and after a couple of months of thinking, I actually realized I’m more interesting than I originally thought.  Huzzah!

So here’s the deal.  These are six different statements.  One of them is false.

Tell me which ones you think are true, and which one is the lie.  GO!


  1.  When I was ten years old, I puked on a real piece of the Titanic.

    Puke. Everywhere.

    Puke. Everywhere.

  2. I once met Willie Nelson at a charity concert, not knowing it was him until over a month later.

    Except the beard was more epic

    Except the beard was more epic

  3. When I was really mad at one of my old bosses, I purposely screwed up the inventory so my manager was required to take a two day class on how to properly do inventory.  She wasn’t allowed to turn me in because I wasn’t supposed to be doing it in the first place.

    Just a little paperwork, I swear

    Just a little paperwork, I swear

  4. I lost my first kiss when I was nearly 19 years old.

    Except way older

    Except way older

  5. I moved to Alaska when I was 18 because my mom told me I should go.

    Best. Bet. Ever.

    Because who wouldn’t go here?

  6. I’m distantly related to my husband in at least two different ways.

    Enough said.

    Enough said.

So tell me internet, which one of these is a lie?  Which ones are true?



8 thoughts on “Five Truths, One lie. Which One Won’t Set You Free?

  1. I’m not real good at guessing games, Leah. However, I’ll take a crack at it, just this once. I’ll guess number 2 because I can’t imagine running into Willie Nelson and not knowing it was him.

    • Hahahaha. That’s fine. I’m not either. When Aussa did hers, I guessed way wrong because she seemed too odd to be a kid of a gay parent (Most of my friends raised by gay parents are abnormally normal, strangely enough). But I shall reveal tomorrow ❤

  2. Hehe, I remember participating in this… a number of WordPressers participated.

    I cheated, sort of– I dug down into my archives and reblogged when I did this meme on the Vox platform. Both posts.

  3. Oh my gosh, that meme is painfully hilarious.
    Ummm… let me see, what’s my guess…
    One I know to be true for sure because you told me the story 😉 So… I’m going with… #5. I think it was a different reason that took you to Alaska…

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