Things My Mom Was Right About: Carrying A Purse

Now, for most of you women out there, you’re probably thinking, “This girl must be an idiot for never carrying a purse unless her mom said so,” and I would be inclined to believe you, except I had very particular reasons.

I. Hate. Purses.

I am not a girly girl by any means.  I actively avoid make up.  I can’t style my hair to save my life.  Hell, five months ago I bought my first hair straightener and I still have no idea how to use it.  My hair is still frizzy after using it.  My mom still does a lot of my clothes shopping.  I own four pairs of shoes.

I’m going to a wedding in about two months and I think I’m going to have to ask my friend to take me shoe shopping since I do not own a pair of heels.  I only have steel toe shoes.  And tennis shoes.

So I hate carrying a purse, but it is a necessary evil.

When I was but a wee young girl, in high school, I had my wallet which had my debit card, my drivers license, my school ID, and any various money I would possibly have, I would put that in my pocket.  As well as my cell phone, which was a Katana II.

You know.. Before Smartphones were cool?

You know.. Before Smartphones were cool?


AND THEN I would have my keys.  In my pocket.  As well as my chap stick.  Now I did this because I really hated carrying a purse.

My mother is the polar opposite of this.

Here is a list of things she has in her purse.

  1. Wallet
  2. Keys
  3. Checkbook
  4. Manicure set
  5. Comb
  6. Bottle of ibuprofen
  7. Mirror
  8. Rosary
  9. Six different pens with different color ink
  10. Miscellaneous coins
  11. Deeds to a small country
  12. Leprechauns
  13. Tiny civilizations
  14. Chapstick


No lie, she has all of those things in her purse.*

She told me that I needed to start carrying a purse since my wallet was constantly falling out of my pockets and it was causing us to go back to restaurants to get my wallet.  She was convinced that someone was going to steal my debit card and steal my identity.

Funny how when I was in college someone stole my debit card and spent over $100 on gas.

And how one time when my wallet dropped out of my pocket all of the cash was stolen.

And how when I got a purse I can carry candy into a movie theatre.

Yep. Mom was right.

Carrying a purse is a good idea.

I don’t forget stuff nearly as often.

Thanks mom.

Is there anything that your mom was right about that you were like PFFT! No way mom!  I want to hear about it!  What was YOUR mom right about?

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*Okay, she doesn’t have all of those things in her purse.  Obviously she has no room for chapstick when there are leprechauns in her purse.

14 thoughts on “Things My Mom Was Right About: Carrying A Purse

  1. I’ve often said, “The depths of a woman’s purse…”

    Our daughter does not want a purse yet– in addition to her school backpack (which I bought for her, and she picked, when we went on a quick shopping trip for one, yes, thank you, thank you, don’t throw flowers, just money), she carries around a purple bag with a monkey face on it.

      • Maybe get some pants with bigger and deeper pockets? Or get a wallet chain and say, “A-yep, I heard about how Jeff Foxworthy says rednecks have chains on their dogs AND their wallets, and I figured I needed to work on my redneck fashion…” Or get one of those mugger-resistant pouch belts you wear over one shoulder and under your shirt?

      • Bahahahaha, tempting, but if my mom saw that I had a wallet with a chain on it, she’d take it and burn it. Then she’d get me a new purse lol.

        I’ll just learn to deal with the purse. I’m starting to get used to it after two years 😉

      • Burn it… really? That might somewhat destroy the wallet, but not the chain. No, she’d have to dunk it in a barrel of acid, seal it, and send it away.

        You’ve had the purse for two years? Oh, NOW you tell me…

  2. Ha! My Mom is the opposite– never ever carried a purse. I got all girly and into handbags for a while but this compulsion has been replaced by an overwhelming desire to not be bothered or required to exert effort. I am now a huge pocket stuffer– I’ve got the cardholder, lip gloss, cell phone, keys, and taser all crammed across them. But it leaves my hands free for exploring. (<—awkward)

  3. I used to be that way. I once went to a washington DC trip when I was 14 as part of an extracurricular activity I was involved in and mom bought me my first purse. I owned a wallet that had a character on it and it had some cash. One day I put it in my pocket along with other stuff and little did I know, I lost it.
    Mom said “you should have put it in your purse.” She also got me a little shoulder purse for the evening banquit in Washington DC. It is a small bag that could literally just fit a phone and a lipstick or a disposable camera. Well, At that time, i didn’t even own a cell phone nore debit cards. I still have it and use it though. But, mom is wright on me on being more responsible with my stuff and in life in general.

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