Things My Mom Was Right About: Laundry

So I’m going to try to do one installment a week of “Things My Mom Was Right About” simply because being 23 years old, I’m noticing that my mom is not a wizard, she is, wait for it, an experienced adult who is also a mom. 

Basically, mom does not equal wizard.

Still not totally convinced.


But this week I have discovered the power of sorting laundry. 

I used to throw all of my clothes together and wash it on the hottest temperature with a ton of oxy clean and detergent (hypoallergenic of course because I’m allergic to freaking everything) and my clothes would fade abnormally fast, my whites were a variety of colors, and I was always itchy.

My mom kept telling me that if I wanted to get a stain out, I had to soak the stain in cold water then spray it, then wash it with like colors.

I kept blowing her off and said “Seriously mom, I know that’s not true.  You’re just a wizard.  Don’t deny it.”

And she’d admit to being a wizard, because she’s awesome like that. 

So a few weeks ago I decided to start sorting my laundry and washing the brights in cold, the whites in hot water with bleach and the right amount of detergent, and even adding in fabric softener.

Holy hell.

Not only are my clothes not fading so fast, but my whites look… white.  The stains are coming out.  And I’m not nearly as itchy as I was.

Mom ISN’T a wizard.

Sorting the laundry DOES work.


I will be posting more stuff about how I’m an awkward northerner in the south, but I haven’t had too many awkward things happen as of late.  I’m currently only working a part time job and I really avoid leaving my house, but I’m going to start going to coffee shops and talking to strangers to see what happens. 

So, internet, tell me, what is something that your parents told you that you ignored them about until you were well into your adult years?  Anything?  I have an entire list. 

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18 thoughts on “Things My Mom Was Right About: Laundry

  1. Haha I still totally fail at laundry– never soak anything, don’t own any stain removing stuff, and I throw everything in one big indiscriminate load. But more importantly, YOU’RE ONLY 23?!?!?! WHAT! My mind is blown.

      • Haha I don’t know, I guess I just assumed you were like early 30s! Oh ma gosh, 23 was like the worst year of my life, you’re clearly leaps and bounds ahead of where I was! So crazy. Wow, married young! But he seems like a keeper and perfect for you 🙂 Well done, still reeling over this though!

      • Bahaha, I’m not sure if I should be insulted or flattered.

        He’s nearly 29 if that makes it any more believable. He’s an old man. I have found that you mature much faster when you don’t have your parents helping you and you have to work two jobs just to make sure you can afford that week’s ramen.

        I basically grew up overnight. I went from a know it all 20 year old who was sleeping in my car half the time to being a married 21 year old with a stable job and career goals.

        Crazy, right?

      • Haha life is crazy like that! And yep– I definitely know that whole growing up fast thing– I was on my own at 18… and nope, it’s not an insult! Definitely a compliment! You’re just wise beyond your years 😉

    • I thought having front load washers was going to be awesome, all energy efficient–

      –then I realized I had to bend so far down to load/unload it. Shit! My back does NOT like that.

      If my back wasn’t so busted, I’d be doing more of the housework, but probably driving Cimmy that much more crazy.

  2. My mother browbeat many things into me hardcore, including laundry sorting. Before I was 23, I think. (Does Aussa’s mind go to atomic bits now?) Ironing, too. Bed making. Canning. Grocery shopping (she was in awe of a list I wrote down recently and left behind for some reason– what? I went with my father, cuz I needed $$ and hurt too bad to drive)
    … the list goes on and on and on.

    • I knew how to iron when I was five, I just refuse to do it. And I learned how to do a hospital corner on a bed when i was 12.

      I technically “knew” how to sort laundry, but I didn’t see the point until I actually started doing it.

      Clothes are so clean now..

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