You Can Never Have Too Many Blankets (My husband disagrees)

After telling this particular story to my mother in law, she said to me, “You can take the girl out of Minnesota, but you can never take the Minnesota out of the girl.”

Truer words have never been spoken.

There has always been a million one thing Alex and I fight about on a regular basis, and it started when we were dating, and we will most likely fight about it until our dying days.


Maybe it’s because I’m from Minnesota, maybe it’s because I hate paying the heating bill, I have no idea.  But I believe there are a few things that make a house a home.  Pictures of family together on the walls,  the smell of food, and blankets everywhere.

Alex believes in lots of food and pictures, but the blankets he just doesn’t get.  To be fair though, he organizes everything in the house and was giddy when he got a label maker, and I believe everything should be thrown in a pile and forgotten about, so I figure this is his little revenge.

I have around twenty blankets, and I’m always scavenging thrift shops for more.  When we were in Alaska, he didn’t really fight me too much on it.  There was one day though, where we had a very thorough discussion on my “blanket hoarding,” or so he calls it.

Alex: Why do we need so many blankets?  We have the down comforter and we have two blankets on the couch, we don’t need anymore. We’re in Louisiana, nobody has this many blankets here.

Me: What if we get cold?

Alex: We have a blanket for each of us.

Me: What if the dogs get cold?

Alex: They have fur.

Me: What if people come over and they get cold?


Me: So what you’re saying is, we should be prepared in case I ever change my mind?

Alex: NO!  I’m saying we should get rid of all the damn blankets to make room for stuff we actually need, like new towels that match and aren’t falling apart.

Me: We have tons of towels, you told me not to get anymore.

Alex: I told you not to get anymore if you’re going to keep the old ones.

Me: And there’s no reason to get rid of the old ones.


Me: No, you’re making this impossible.



The next day it dropped to 40 degrees in the house.  And with the wind and humidity, it was actually miserable.

I think I won.

6 thoughts on “You Can Never Have Too Many Blankets (My husband disagrees)

  1. Haha! What is it with boys and their aversion to blankets?! When I’m at my boyfriend’s house I have to snuggle underneath an extra sheet that he has very generously elected to keep on his leather couch for me. He also doesn’t own a single throw pillow. Men. *sigh* 😉

    Um, I’ve never intentionally gotten rid of a towel….. I think about it, but… I just can’t do it.

  2. Dude, blankets are the best. I grew up in a house kept at around 55 degrees all the time, and if you wanted to be warmer, you threw a blanket on. That’s how we do in the arctic, I guess.
    We have so many blankets at the house, and every Black Friday I go get another, and my siblings are always like “Man, where are all the blankets? You need more” when they come over.

    Blankets are just wonderful hugs that you can take anywhere. They are PERFECT.

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