NO FAT CHICKS! (On Craigslist anyway…)

One evening, Alex and I were having a very normal strange discussion.

Alex: How do I know you’re not working and actually finding men to meet? (He says this very sarcastically, as if I’d talk to new people)

Me: Because men don’t like fat chicks here.  It’s not Alaska where fat chicks are the only chicks. *

Alex:  The obesity rate is higher here.

Me: But there are actually women here.  There weren’t women in Alaska.

Alex: This is true, but I bet if you went on Craigslist casual encounters, it would be all “Seeking BBW’s” and you’d have them lining up.



So, as any normal person would do, I decide to check out the casual encounters page, thinking “Oh he has to be so wrong.”

Where dreams are turned into horror stories

Where dreams are turned into horror stories


Dude… I hate when he’s wrong about stuff like this.

I was actually kind of pissed.  After going through over 40 ads and several inappropriate pictures, All but a few of them were “NO FAT CHICKS!”

Excuse me, I’m not fat, I’m just swollen from this GOD FORSAKEN HEAT!

Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to go and gorge myself on cheesecake.


*Note: There are actually several insanely hot girls in Alaska.  Most of which are married or taken, all of which have a gun that they shoot very well.  I’ve never met an Alaskan girl who didn’t have a gun, seriously. And the Men to women ratio in Alaska was around 6:1, it was awesome.

4 thoughts on “NO FAT CHICKS! (On Craigslist anyway…)

  1. Hahaha there is so much to comment on here. First– I did NOT realize that the man/woman ratio in Alaska was so favorable. I will have to keep this in mind for my friends who approach desperation in their late twenties… I love it. I’ll just buy them a gun and send them to Alaska and wait for a wedding invitation.

    Also: I LOVE CRAIGSLIST ADS!!!! Do you read the missed connections?!?! I’m planning to blog about that at some point… they never EVER fail to entertain/boost my self esteem.

    • Living in Fairbanks was wonderful. I would have strangers ask me out on a regular basis. It was fantastic. I was never short of a date. In Fairbanks, there’s two military bases, the army base is huge, and so there are a lot of single military men and off base there are a lot of manual labor jobs, thus attracting men from everywhere. It’s nice 😀

      And I love reading them all the time because they’re just so stupid half the time.

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