My Dogs are Beautiful (And Retarded)

So as you probably remember, I have two dogs, a Sled dog/German shepherd mix, and a German shepherd/I have no clue what.  The sled dog’s name is Luna, the German Shepherd/unknown mix is Sahara.

Beautiful, are they not?

Beautiful, are they not?

Sahara is the one with the black lipstick and eyeliner and Luna is the one with the Tuxedo.

A couple of days ago, they really wanted to play in the yard, and being an indoor person, I don’t quite understand, but I think it was because there was a squirrel pressed up to the window taunting them.

But I noticed that it was only in the 50s this particular day, the sun was out, and there were leaves to be raked up.  So I got my sweatshirt on, grabbed the rake, and brought the puppies to my back yard.  After about ten minutes of the whole OH MY GOD I’M OUTSIDE!, they just lay down in the yard, defeated.

I was fairly confused.  So I thought to myself, maybe they’re thirsty or hot.  So I grab the garden hose and the kiddie pool and begin to fill the pool for them.  I leave it alone, turn my back, and continue raking the yard.

After a few minutes, I decide to check on the hose, only to find this.

After watching her do this for about ten minutes, I decide to turn off the hose, to which Sahara looks very disappointed, giving me a very sad look for the rest of the hour we were outside.

The hose defeated her

The hose defeated her

While Luna decided that she needed to work on her tan

Luna getting her tan on.

Luna getting her tan on.

Seriously Luna, you’re dark enough.

Perhaps someday, Sahara will be the guard dog that she so strives to be

So ferocious.

So ferocious.

Do any of you have pets that do stupid and crazy stuff?

5 thoughts on “My Dogs are Beautiful (And Retarded)

  1. Oh my gosh, this was not boring at all– that video cracked me up! Definitely a special dog there. I like how she would like trot away and make the rounds of the backyard, get a little distracted and then be like “Oh yeah! Magical water spray, must attack and kill!” My dog turns into an absolute oaf any time she’s around water. It’s excellent.

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