Giant Rats Are Not To Be Trifled With

There are many critters that freak me out here in Louisiana.  Being from Minnesota, the worst we ever had to worry about was mosquitos and the occasional bear or moose.  In Alaska, we had to deal with a lot of moose and every so often a bear.  In Louisiana, these are the critters you have to watch out for:



Giant Beetles

Silverfish (A type of disgusting insect)

Brown Recluse Spiders (Most deadly spider in North America)

All of these snakes


And even the Rodents of Unusual Size (If you’re a princess bride fan, the ROUS’s).

Now you’re probably thinking that ROUS’s don’t exist.  I mean hell, a ten pound rat that eats everything and supposedly tastes like chicken?  Nah…


Except that they’re FUCKING REAL!

When I took my dogs outside to go to the bathroom, usually they dart into the yard and run around until their little legs tell them that they need to go inside to get their muddy paws on everything, but this particular night, they looked at the neighbors yard and tried to go back into the house.  Curious as to why they’re freaking out, I decide to go into my back yard to see what scared my “fearless” dogs.  I see a silhouette of what looked like a rat that was half the size of my smaller dog.  Walking very slowly across the yard, it stops to look at us, it’s giant tail dragging behind it, before moving on.  Doing the only logical thing I can think of, I do it.


My husband walks over to see what the big deal is, to respond with, “Holy shit, what IS that?”

“I think it’s a swamp rat.”

He looks at me with question, to which I respond.  “They’re rats that are a little smaller than a beaver.”

“Oh, the R-O-U-S’s?  I don’t think they exist.”

My “brave” dogs decided to run back into the house like babies after seeing a rat that could kick their ass.

On a related topic, I saw a raccoon chase a kid down the street and the parents just watched.  Free entertainment I guess.

3 thoughts on “Giant Rats Are Not To Be Trifled With

  1. NO. Just no. Rats are terrifying. I saw rats the size of small dogs while in Cambodia… and I remember seeing one run around while I was eating (what had previously seemed a delicious) breakfast at a cafe in Thailand. I can’t handle it. Even itty bitty mice (which are kind of cute when they’re not in my house) totally freak me out.

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