Flash floods— wait, what?

So today is the first time in over a month that Shreveport got a heavy douse of rain.  Much needed rain, since our grass was yellow and not growing.

But it hasn’t stopped.  Or even let up.

My two dogs, Luna and Sahara, decided it would be fun to run around in the warm rain.  Their muddy paws tracked it inside the house so my beautiful white tile floors are now caked with the red-stained earth of Louisiana, their fur has chunks of mud dried in it, and they’re confused as to why it hurts to pull it out.  Ah, puppies, you are not too smart sometimes.

What confuses me about Louisiana, is that after Hurricane Katrina, one would think that they would have storm drains down to a science to make sure floods don’t happen.

Yet here we are, my street with a few inches of water flooding it because THERE AREN’T ANY STORM DRAINS!

Come on, even Minnesota takes care of this better than you.

Also, I do NOT say boat funny 😛

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