Sweet Pet Names

So I have noticed that nearly every person here has a habit of calling me “Sugar.”  At first, I thought it was a term of endearment, thinking “awe, they think I’m sweet!”

Of course, my mother had to destroy this, as mothers tend to do.  She said to me, in a very flat, monotone voice (the only voice she ever shows for as long as I can remember), “They’re probably calling you that because you’re white.”

My dear husband didn’t help this case either.  His response was nothing more than “You are insanely pale.  Maybe you’re white as sugar?”

Then I noticed only people with skin tanner or darker than mine were calling me sugar.  Coincidence?  Most likely since everyone is tanner than I am.

Then I decided to call my husband “Honey-bun” thinking “NOBODY CALLS ANYONE HONEY BUN HERE!”

Next day at work, I was greeted with “Sup Honey-bun?”

Yep.  Fail on my part. 

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