“Bless Your Heart”

So there is something that I’ve noticed about the south since getting here about a month ago.  

Whenever I tell people I just moved here from Alaska, they say “Oh Bless your heart.”

While my British grandmother would say “Bless your heart,” she would say it in a way that meant “Oh that’s so precious” or “how beautiful” or something like “how sweet.”

When I was living in Alaska, my Texan friend told me once that “Bless your heart” meant something along the lines of “Shut your whore mouth,” or “That baby is the most hideous thing I have ever seen.”

Since I don’t have a baby, I can only assume that the girls I met were telling me to shut my mouth.  

When I asked my friend about this, she told me that it probably meant “Oh you poor thing.”

I guess it translates as “Uff-da,” but not really.  I wouldn’t yell “UFF-DA” at someone if they said they moved from Alaska to Louisiana.

Seriously, why isn’t there a book that translate Cajun to English?  There’s a book that translates Minnesotan to English (tentatively called “How to Speak Minnesotan”).

Every state should have this phrase book.  For real.  Think of the money we could make off this.  “Mississipian to Cajun, a guide to talk y’all”

I’m just going to stop talking now.

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